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    Inserting Links



      Inserting Links


      I figured out how to insert a link into FM Pro using URL.   The link is global and I want to use a separate link in each record.

      Can anyone help?  Thanx, Patrick

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          Global as in global field?

          Using the Open URL script step or are you using a web viewer?

          Simply clearing the global storage option for the URL field may be enough to do this, but that's assuming a lot I don't know about your database.

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            Global as in every record opens the same link.  I tried clearing the global storage option.  What I need is a separate link in each record.  I'm

            creating a dbase for my stamp collection.  Each record has a small-low res pic of the stamp.  I need a link to a larger (high res) image.  I cannot

            use a pic of high res image because my dbase is vast.  Thanx, Patrick

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              Where are the images located?

              It sounds like you may be able to insert the image file into a fileMaker container and use the "store by reference" option if these are image files stored on your computer's hard drive or on a server on your network.

              "Global as in every record opens the same link."

              Yes, but how are you opening the link?

              If you are using Open Url to open it using a URL stored in a global text field, you should be able to change the field's storage from global back to local, then enter the correct URL for each image in their respective records. You can't do this with a global field as it stores just one value for all the records in the table.

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                Images are located on my hard drive.  There's no option to "store by reference" when creating an image file container.  There's no storage options when 

                setting up using container.

                I don't understand the second part of your post.  I don't see an option to change from global to local.

                Thanx for all your help.  Patrick

                Sorry to say that I'm novice at this.

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                  The option appears as a check box in the dialog when you use Insert Picture to insert the image into the container. (With store by reference, you can double click the container field and the original image file will open.)

                  To change from global to local storage, you clear the global storage check box in Field options.

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                    GOT It!  Thanx so much.  I'm using container field.  I'm using "insert file" (store by reference) to image field, and it works.

                    Again, Thanx, Phil  Your instructions are great.