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Inserting multiple items into record

Question asked by chadmccomas on Jan 5, 2014
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Inserting multiple items into record


     I was looking at the Inventory starter solution and ended up creating my own.  The related tables for this question are:

     1. Products - This is singular products.  Such as one specific tv model would be stored here among other specific products.

     2. Inventory - This is products that are assigned to locations.  For instance warehouse1, warehouse2.

     3. Locations - This is locations such as warehouse1, warehouse2.


     What I want to do, is on the Inventory Form Layout, I want it to show every product that is in the Product Table, and put a spinner type field next to each product.   Then it would have a location popup box on that page also.  When a button is clicked, it creates (number of products from Products table) records in the inventory table with their location and timestamp.

     Is this possible?  There obviously will be products added and deleted over time also in case that matters.