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Inserting Pages Documents

Question asked by Thoughta on Jun 19, 2009
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Inserting Pages Documents


I'm on a Mac and am writing my first runtime application. My company provides marketing services to the music industry and we need to store contracts, music, marketing materials and the like in large volume. Each worker will be able to store their own work, export and import media items from and to co-workers and clients.


On the media layout I have a container, an insert button and various fields (title, date, type, category, etc). In Browse Mode, if I select the individual record's Container field and click the Insert button a Finder window opens for me to navigate to the image or document I want.  I have the "Store as a reference. . ." checked. Everything works when I'm selecting an image, audio file, PDF or Word.doc file, but not a .Pages document. I have my .doc files set to "always open with" Pages, which they do if I'm double clicking them from the Finder, but from within the FM container they boot Word. I create all files in Pages and then Export into .doc so I can distribute to people using either platform, so this doesn't work for me. When trying to insert the original .pages files I get the error message: "This file cannot be inserted because it contains other files inside it."


Is there some way to get this working they way I need it?