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    Inserting PDF to Container field in Looping Script



      Inserting PDF to Container field in Looping Script


      I am a psychiatrist and have written a file used to run my office with record keeping, prescribing, billing and other functions. I have attempted to write a script which loops through patients who have outstanding balances, prints a paper statement, then saves a pdf of that statement, then imports a reference to that pdf creating a new record in a related table so the pdf can later be accessed from within FileMaker with ease. All is well until the import routine.


      The save script uses two steps:


      Set Variable [$$PDFName; Value: Patients::PDF File Name]

      Save Records as PDF [No dialog; "$$PDFName"; Records being browsed]


      and that works, but the Insert script does not see the file, necessitating my choosing it for each patient, not the desired result. The Insert script has the following steps:

      Fo to Layout ["Bill PDFs" (Bill PDFs)]

      Enter Browse Mode

      New Record

      Set Field [Bill PDFs::Patient Serial Number; Billing::Patient Serial Num]

      Set Field[Bill PDFs::Creation Date; Get (CurrentTimeStamp )]

      Insert File[Bill PDFs::Bill Container; "$$PDFName"]


      It is the last step that would seem to be wrong.


      Any help would be appreciated