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    Inserting Photos



      Inserting Photos


      I have a new database in which I have a field to display a photograph of a driver's license.  I have approximately 100 photos which need to be put in the appropriate client's record.  Although the jpegs are hard to identify by file name, they can be viewed in the Finder.  The photos are also in a file numbered series which closely matches how the records were originally created.  So, finding one photo and the correct record means the next photo will be for another record close in line.  

      When I click on the container field it offers me an option to paste or I can click Insert Picture.

      If I were able to take the photo and drag it to the field, that would be the best option.  The next is to copy the file and paste it in.  When I do that, the photo is not there, an icon which says Jpeg photo is viewed.

      If I choose insert picture, a dialogue box/finder opens up.  I find the file and click it, and click open.  The problem with this method is that the dialgue box immediately closes and when I try to insert the next photo I have to go through all the steps again.

      Is there a shortcut?

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          Take a look at Import Records | Folder

          This gives you the option to import all the picture files into a table in one batch operation.

          Then you can set up a layout based on this table where you can view the image in the container and select a record in your current table to which it should be linked. You can keep the images in this table and just use a relationship to link existing records to it.

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            Thanks for your help.  I think it may be as time consuming doing it your way as it is my doing it one by one, as I have to import, look at the individual photos for identification, and direct it toward another record.  If I do it the way you suggest, does FileMaker have the file or just an alias?  I would like to delete the original photo after putting it into FileMaker.

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              You can specify by reference or to import a binary copy of the file.

              Seems like you have to look at the image no matter what you do. Import records pulls them in all at once so this saves you the need to select the files to insert them one by one and that should be a little bit quicker.

              You can import the name of the file into a text field at the same time that you import the actual picture into a container field. Sometimes this file name can help facilitate linking your images to specific records.