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    Inserting photos in database



      Inserting photos in database


      I have a Container field that I want to have a thumbnail photo displayed in. If I select Insert > Picture, there is an option to "Store only a reference to the file". I have read that using this option will keep the database file smaller. 

      If I just drag and drop a jpeg into the container, is that actually embedding the source photo into the database, which could result in a very large database file if there are lots of images.  Does the size of the jpeg (kb/mb) make any difference?


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          Have you looked up container fields in FileMaker Help? (If not do so as it will help you understand your options better.)

          What version of FileMaker do you have?

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            Sorry I forgot to include version: I just purchased FileMakerPro 12, and I'm using a several years old MacBookPro running OSX 10.7.4. I have some previous  experience using Bento and FMP v5 but very limited knowledge of how they actually work.

            I've searched several topics in FMP Help, and also the Forum FAQ.  Nowhere have I read anything about dragging an image into a Container field. I just tried it and it works, and for my purposes is much quicker and easier than File > Insert > toggle "Store only a reference..." > navigate to and select the image file.

            I'm assuming that the simple drag and drop method embeds the full-size image file in the database, and if that is so, it could make my database file (of 10k+ records) very large, cumbersome and slow to work with. Just wanting to know if I'm correct in that assessment.

            FWIW, I'm working with a database of photographs, and I'd like to have a thumbnail visual for each record.

            Thanks for any help in understanding.

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              FileMaker 12 adds additional features for container fields and throws in a behavior change to boot. On windows systems in 11, for example, drag and drop embedded an OLE object in the container field.

              In 12 on both platforms, drag and drop inserts a copy of the file. This will produce a rapidly expanding file, but it's speed may not be affected as much as you think. (With "by reference" files, FileMaker still has to find and access the file inorder to display an image, etc.)

              The size of the file will make a difference so downsampling the image to a smaller resolution will speed up how fast it displays in your system.

              FileMaker 12 offers new options for rendering images in a container field. They are new to me also so I can't share any advice from experience.

              Check out these two items in help and experiment with how they affect your database:

              Managing performance with thumbnails
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                Thanks again, PhilModJunk. This is exactly the information I need.