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    inserting picture



      inserting picture


      Iam using Mac OSX version 10.6.2  I am fairly new to filemaker.  I am using Filemaker Pro 11.  I have created all of the layouts I will need. Now I want to insert a picture into the filemaker file that will automatically go to all of the different layouts at once. I am pretty sure this is possible, I did it many years ago, but forget how this works. I made the pictureI want to insert using Adobe Illustrator cs3, outlined the text, and saved it as an eps.If it is not possible to do this, could someone walk me through step-by-step, so I can get picture in all layouts. Hope someone out there has done this, help really needed and appreciated!:smileysad:

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          The only way I know to do this is to define a global container field and place it on all your layouts. Then, when you insert your image into the container field, it'll appear on all the layouts where you've placed this field.

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            Alas, I am clueless as to how to define a global container. I tried to create a field, defined it as a container, called it picture, and I ended up with a snazzy picture of a yellow and grey file folder instead of my graphic... Can you give me step-by-step?

            Doris :smileysurprised:

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              FInd the field definintion in Manage | database and change it's storage options to global (Double click the definition line).


              In browse mode, click the field and choose insert picture.

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                Thank you so much for your help. The only problem is that when I opened up the file this morning, the picture was gone. Also, it only worked getting the picture in one layout,  how can I get the picture to go to other layouts in that file?  

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                  Is this file hosted over the network and you logged on from a client machine?


                  If so, you'll need to take the file down off the server, open it as the host and then insert the picture. (Changes to global fields don't persist after you close the file if done from a client session.)


                  As I said in my first post, the global field has to be placed on each layout. There's no special tool that allows you to place it on every layout all in one go. You either place the field on every layout, or you insert the picture directly onto your layout and then copy and paste it to every layout. The only advantage to the global field is that you can later change this image by inserting a modified copy and then the change will automatically appear on all your layouts.


                  You could also put the global field in a related table and link it to the tables of all your different layouts by using the cartesian join operator (X) in the relationship definitions. Then you can edit the container field from a client and the changes will "stick".