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Inserting Picture Reference with Filemaker script

Question asked by ncam on Feb 6, 2009


Inserting Picture Reference with Filemaker script



I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 8.5 on mac os 10.4


I'm trying to set up a script for my Filemaker database that will loop through a set of imported records that each have a unique id field, an empty container field, and a field that calculates the image path from the id field values.


The idea is for the script to insert the image (or a reference of the image) into the container field using the calculated image path, then move on to the next record.


When I set up a first draft of the script using the "Insert Picture" script step in Script Editor, a window opens that allows me the option to paste in the file path and this works fine for setting up the initial script step. (for the one image file path that's been pasted in). I tested this and it works fine, the image path is calculated correctly and the image appears properly.


The question is, is this option to paste in the image file path available outside of Script Editor?


I can't seem to find a way to access that option in Filemaker.


If I have to, I may be able to use an applescript to open Script Editor and change the image file

path of the "Insert Picture" script step and run it once for each record, but that seems pretty clunky.


Thanks in advance for any help!