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    Inserting picture with text



      Inserting picture with text


      I see that when creating a database and adding fields to a record, you can designate the field as text or image type.

      What I am trying to do is to have a text field where I can place an article but include one or more pictures inside the article and not as a separate field.  Is this possible and if so,... how?


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          Fields can be text, number, date, time, timestamp or container. No field can store two different kinds of data in the same field. Best I can suggest is two fields, one for the article text and one for the image. I would assume you want to combine the two so that the text can "wrap" around the image... If this is not the case, please tell us more about what you are trying to do here.

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            The text doesn't have to "wrap" around the text.  An example of what I am trying to do can be seen on my web site.

            In this article the text does not "wrap" around the image but allows the image to be inserted between paragraphs.

            Eaxample:  http://www.prehistoriclife.net/forum/showthread.php?t=24


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              Same basic issue and the same limitation with FileMaker--that you cannot mix text data and graphic data inside the same field. The only other option I can think of is to use other software to generate a PDF of your article. The PDF, or a reference to it can be stored in a container field or a web viewer can be used to open it.

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                I'm not sure that I want to use a PDF file.  Thanks for your help.  Much appreciated.

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                  Not being a wise-guy or anything but you have to think of any filemaker solution as a database. It is a VERY flexible database, and because we can do so much with a GUI we tend to almost forget it is a database system...but it definitely is not a web page or site, or system...but we tend to want to think in terms of web pages when we start designing. (easy and normal, many people do this)

                  Actually you can come up with a layout design that makes much more sense when you step back a bit and take another look at it with your new knowledge now. And in the end it will function better for you too. Bottom line a relational database is designed to be, above all else, quickly, and efficiently functional...not pretty. (like a web page) However, if you think of your design in a "I NEED MY DATA NOW" sort of thinking, and keep easy navigation in mind you will find you end up with a much better result and designing becomes much easier too. (been there myself years ago)

                  Kind Regards,


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                    Thank you for your comments.  Apprecated and no offense taken.  :)

                    Although I have a web site that contains this information in a MySQL database, the idea here is to have a FM database where I can have a stand alone, containing the information on prehistoric animals,  The summary area in the database such as name, size, type, when they lived, etc is easy information for a database to contain, but when it comes to details on each animal, it is similar to storing an article.  The problem is that currently the database will hold 114 records and only a very few of these "articles" contain pictures so if I added a image field as a separate field most of the records would display an empty box which would tend to look like some data was missing. 

                    The database that I have set up is very simple and uses two tab areas.  One tab contains the summary info, name, size, type, when they lived etc., and the second tab contains the details. I'm new to Filemaker so I am not yet familiar with the scripting part but I'm wondering if there is a way that it could be scripted to display the image ONLY in those records that have an image in the article.  In other words, if the article contains a picture, display the picture in an image field in the summary area, and if the article does not contain a picture, then display nothing, not even the empty picture field, so that it does not display an empty image filed.

                    Not sure if I am explaining this clearly, but,....

                    Thanks again for your input.

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                      Will this database publish to the web or will it just be a straight fileMaker interface?

                      In a filemaker interface, you can add a button for viewing a picture that is only visible for those articles that contain an image. Clicking that button would pop up that image in a new window. It is even possible to make formatted text within the text field a "link" that would open said image when it is clicked.

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                        Thanks PhilModJunk.  This database will not be published to the web.  It will be a Filemaker stand-alone .exe file.

                        Those suggestions sound interesting if it was being published to the web, but as an FM stand-alone .exe file, where would the image be stored?

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                          What about an image space with an IF statement...if image availabe show these images, else show pre-made white, blank image so it just looks like the white background?

                          Just throwing some ideas out there...being creative is what makes FileMaker work. LOL   =)

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                            The image would be stored in a container field. You can store a physical copy of the file in the field if you do not select "store by reference". You could also store the image by reference and include the file in the same directory as the database file if this is to be a 'stand alone' (as in single user--maybe runtime) system.

                            Another option is to have two nearly identical layouts with one customized for displaying the image file and one without. When you select an article's record for viewing, a script can select the correct layout. If you are careful in your layout design, this can create the illusion that the layout is adjusting it's layout to suit the presence/absence of your illustration.

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                              LIKE PHILS "another option" idea!!!

                              oooo, two layout designs, choose which one on an OnEnterLayout script trigger maybe, when info is first fetched....

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                                Yes, I like the "Another option" as well.  Very creative! 

                                As a newbie to FM I'll have to learn a bit more about the scripting and layouts first.

                                I just received my "Filemaker Pro 11 the missing manual" book in the mail today.  Hopefully that will help me to learn a bit about the scripting and more about layouts.

                                Thank you both very much for the ideas.  You have both been very helpful and I really do appreciate your thoughts on this.


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                                   "choose which one on an OnEnterLayout script trigger maybe, when info is first fetched...."

                                  Or with OnRecordLoad so that changing from record to record selects the appropriate layout for that record... ;-)