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Inserting records via automated email processing

Question asked by user16619 on Jun 5, 2012
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Inserting records via automated email processing


I'm pretty new to filemaker.

I need to automate the insertion of records into a filemaker table.

Unfortunately, the only means of receiving the data is via email.

I've tried using the Automatic Email Processing applications out there and all are allowing me to see the email, and extract fields very well. Where they fall down is trying to use an ODBC connection to add the record to the Filemaker table. All of them see filemaker fine, but the SQL Insert statement doesn't get pass Filemaker. (I can specifiy the database name but the Table isn't mentioned.)

Also, some won't see the 64 bit ODBC driver ... sigh ... and others seem to want to use OLE to get to the DSN name I created with ODBC??

The alternative is to dump a text file to the network of the extracted fields and import manually from within filemaker. I was hoping to bypass the user intervention.Wink

Has anyone done something similiar or know of the product that works nicely with Filemaker. Or perhaps it's just my ODBC knowledge that is lacking.

I am using Filemaker 12 Advanced with Filemaker 12 Server on a Windows 7 64 bit box.

Many Thanks