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    Inserting signature into letter



      Inserting signature into letter




      I am trying to insert an electronic signature into a letter layout and I'm having issues getting it to line up correctly.  I have a container field that I've inserted my signature jpg into as an object.  I then place that container field onto my letter layout and it shows up fine, however it will not adjust to the other parts of my layout.  The rest of my letter parts I'm using merge field and it adjusts any space as needed.  When I try merging my container field it does not show up.  It just displays a ? in it's place.  I've also tried using set sliding/printing, but I guess I'm doing something wrong, because it does seem to do anything.


      Any help would be MUCH appreciated.  This is starting to drive me crazy!




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          As you discovered, you can't "merge" a container field.


          The sliding feature will probably work for you. It's quirky and not perfect but still your best bet.


          1. You can't use a merged layout text for this one.
          2. Instead, define a text calculation field that glues together all your layout text. ("Literal text in quotes " & Textfield1 & " more literal text" & Textfield2 .... Etc.)
          3. Put this field on your layout and format it to slide up and also shrink the enclosing part. If you place your container field immediately below, but not overlapping your text field, the slide feature should work.


          Limitations to Slide/shrink:

          1. Sliding is only visible in Preview Mode or when you print.
          2. A field formatted to slide will shrink but it won't grow. If the contents of your field exceed the maximum size of your field, the lower portion of it's contents will not be visible.
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            PhilModJunk wrote:
            1. You can't use a merged layout text for this one.

            Why not.

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              As always, Comment asks just the right question.


              Merge text WILL work.


              If it doesn't,


              Make sure that both merge text and container field have Slideup/ reduce enlosing part selected.


              Make sure that the field and merge text don't overlap.

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                That got it! I used a combination of merge fields along with the container field and got the sliding adjusted.


                Thanks a million!