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Inserting Signatures programatically

Question asked by JohnSmith_3 on Aug 22, 2014
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Inserting Signatures programatically



     I have many records with a container field in them that needs to have a signature apposed.

     If i use filemaker GO for example, and click on the empty container field, choose Signature, and sign; my signature is visible in the container.

     However, if i use FM Pro, and use the insert file script step, and insert my .png image of my signature, it will instead write the filename.png in the container, and only when I click on it and ask to display it, will I see the signature.

     I'd like to avoid having to sign everything by hand, and use a script to insert the signature in all my records, with the signature being visible in the container field, ready to print.

     Any ideas how I can achieve this?


     Thank you for your help!