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    Inserting Text from TEXT files



      Inserting Text from TEXT files




      I am slightly new to FileMaker and have just installed version 10- also using a MAC OS X 10.5.8. I've been playing with the email features and have been able to send via E-mail Client but now I want to use the Insert Text from File option. The Specified Field Cannot be Found message comes up and I do not know enough to determine why. The file I want to use as text is directly from my desktop. Do I need to import this to FM? It seems the problem has to do with Specifying the field, but I'm not sure.


      I have too many questions, but for now I'd be happy to figure this one out. Thanks! 

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          What are the exact steps you follow before you get the error message?


          Insert Text from file should copy the contents of a text file you select into the message box and then enclose it in quotes automatically. The error message indicates that you have some text not enclosed in quotation marks and Filemaker thinks this refers to a field it can't find.

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            The steps are:


            File--> Send mail, Send via Email CLient selected, select button for One email.

            The TO: field is specified and the box to collect addresses is also checked.

            For the message field: I clicked the button on the right and selected the option to insert text from file. I selected the the document in a TEXT format and when clicking "OK", that's when I get the message. 

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              Check your text file for quotation marks.


              You entire text must be enclosed in quotes.





              If it looks like this:



              " line2 "



              Then the text " line2 " is outside the quotation marks, filemaker thinks it's the name of a field and you get the error message.


              To fix it it. Edit your inserted text. You can delete the quotes or you can place a black slash \" in front of the quote marks.

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                Thanks! It worked fine when I added the quotes. But since the Insert Text option should include them automatically, is this a product of a certain set up feature or will I have to check this all the time?


                Thanks for the help! 

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                  I'm using FMP 10.


                  With that version, the enclosing quotes (at the beginning and end of the file) are added automatically. If the file contains quotes within the file, I have to edit the inserted text.

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                       I cannot reproduce your issue (10.0v3, OS X 10.5.8). If the text file contains quotes, Filemaker escapes them automatically.
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                      My file did not contain any quotes, so maybe this is an unknown issue. Regardless, I don't mind checking as an extra step and this post has proved to be very helpful! I can promise it won't be long before I come up with more issues.



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                        Clarification to Comment:


                        Thanks for the catch.


                        I don't have an email client that's available to me. When I tested this option, I could insert the text and see the enclosing quotes added automatically, but did not see that the enclosed quotes were being correctly escaped and did not actually "send" the email. When I then switched to the specify by calculation option after inserting text so that I could more completely review the inserted text, the automatic quote escaping did not occur and I assumed, incorrectly, that the embedded quotes were causing the problem described.


                        So, for FMP 10, Windows Xp, you should not get the problem described here unless there is some other factor in play.