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    Inserting variable text file in Send Email



      Inserting variable text file in Send Email


      Is there a good way to specify variable text for a Send Email command?


      I tested the Insert File option, but it works like a look up as far as I can see.  In other words, if you modified the file, the modifications would not be inserted the next time you sent the email.  

      I want to have a folder of various email messages (fairly long) and be able to specify in a variable which one I want to send.  Is this possible?

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          Insert File inserts a file into a container field--which can't be included in the body of an email, it can only be sent as an attachment, so I see no practical way to use that option.

          You can set up  atable of records where each record uses the same text field to store different email messages. You can then use the Send Mail script step and use the "field" option to specify this text field for the body of the email. Your script would find the correct message record and then send the email.

          The exact details will depend on how your database is designed. It's very likely that you'd use either a value list or a "selection" portal to select the message you want and a relationship would link your current record to either the message record, the record with the recipient's email address or both.

          Such messages can even be customized to insert text from fields in a record with data about the recipient much like form letter layout might be used to print a form letter with name, and other data about the recipient included in the letter body.