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    Inserting Word Doc as Object



      Inserting Word Doc as Object


      I just upgraded from FM Pro 9 to FM Pro 13 and when I converted all my database it changed all my word objects to images and severely impaired the quality.  Is there a different way to import MS word documents as objects so I can still use them as a back drop in my layouts in FM Pro 13?  Or do I have to convert everything to an image?

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          Insert Object and the OLE technology used for it were deprecated in FileMaker 12. This is no longer a feature of FileMaker.

          It would be a laborious process due to the limits of Insert Object, but your best bet would be to use FM Pro 9 (Or a trial copy of 11 if you can't re-install) to export each such document one at a time and re-insert them as files before converting your DB into FMP 13.

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            Thanks for the info.  Not exactly what I was hoping for but it is what it is.  Would re-inserting them as files allow me to still use them as a backing in a layout or just have the file available for blank printing?

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              It would not, you'd need to create pdf's of the word docs and insert them.

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                I have some of the doc's already as PDF's but the only way I can find to insert them is in the container.  This prevents me from being able to add text boxes linked to records to pre fill in items such as personnel names.  Is there another way to make a PDF the background of a layout other then inserting it into a container?  So far the only thing I can find that can be inserted like that is an image.

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                  I think Macs support inserting a PDF as an image, but I'm a windows user and don't think this is possible, though I haven't tested this in v 14. An edited Screen shot of the PDF might be possible.

                  Are these PDF's that you generate from Filemaker? If so, you can set this up as a form view layout with fields to fill in and not use the PDF. Again, more work for you, but the end result might be better than using a PDF or image as the background.

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                    I'm using windows as well and have looked for several days and am unable to find any way to do it.  The PDF's were already generated.  When we used FMP 9 we converted them to MS Word doc and then imported them info FMP to use as a background.  We that had out database tracking all our personal and had it setup when their training came around it would print out all the required training documents with their personal information already filled out.  They would only need to review and sign the documents.  At this point I have converted the PDF's to JPG and am using that as the backdrop but its unfortunate because all the forms have lost a lot of quality in the printed product.  I think the only solution at this point is to manually recreate the forms in FM but it is going to take a lot of work to complete it.

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                      On the bright side, once you have recreated the layouts in FileMaker, they should be easier to maintain should future changes to them be required.

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                        Don't know if this is helpful, maybe look at a third party Plug-in, such as 360 Works, though it costs $$: