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    InsertPDF Problem (And container issue)



      InsertPDF Problem (And container issue)


           Fix the script that reuploads all images as a reference (need to do this ultimately anyway)

           Currently I have a container and uploaded all the images NOT as a reference, I need them all re-uploaded as a reference

           I have tried writing a script that inserts a new PDF into the Container, but get an error with the script:


           Go To Field [TheField]
           SetVariable [$file = GetValue(Container;1)
           InsertPDF (As reference) [ imagewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/RC_Data_FMS/ENGTESTING/Files/Product Catalog/Engineering Product Data Spec/DRAWINGPC9/$file]

           When running the scipt the file is not found, even though that is the direct path and filename.