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InsideScan Use

Question asked by thomasfilemaker on Jun 4, 2010


InsideScan Use


Has anyone any experince with the new release of InsideScan by Powersolutions?


Ran into a problem that I cannot find any help on PowerSolutions site to fix?


I was just examining their new release of InsideScan version 2 for use with FM9, and am using their trial database, Inside Scan, and copied the database twice, so that in one copy, I imported 10 files into the database and that database with 10 images imported is about 380 MB in size. 


The second copied Database, I imported the very same images, but in this case by reference only, and made the  referenced image field a thumbnail, of the size of about 64 x 84 pixels, grascale, and bit depth 8.


This database should be much smaller, and when I analyzed the 10 referenced thumbnail images actually imported, they add up to 79 kb in size for the total of the 10 images in the databse. BUT, when I closed both database files and looked at the actual file size of the two databases, the size of the database with the smaller thumbnails, is actually larger, when I expected it to be smaller, it is actually  450MB in size.   What? 


The DB empty with no files is 13 kb.


Why would the database with the referenced thumbnails be larger is size,  when the actual images imported  are much, much, I mean, much smaller in size?