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    Inspection Checklist Structure



      Inspection Checklist Structure



      I'm relatively new to Filemaker Pro, and I'm trying to figure out the best structure for a series safety audits.  There are 5 different form, all with basically the same structure.  There is a header with basic info, date, location, employee, etc.  That I can do, but the problem I'm having is with the body.  Each safety audit has between 50 to 80 different items that must be checked.  Each item itself has short description that just text, a yes, no, N/A dropdown list, and a edit box for comments.  The 5 audits are for different types of location, so have different number of items to check, different description of items, but the same genral structure.

      What I'm trying to figure out it the best way to structure this.  The simplest, and most time consume and poorly disigned, way of completely this that I have figured out is a whole lot of fields labled check 1, check 2, so on, and comment 1, comment 2, so on.  However, this is oviously not a perfect solution.  Any idea on how I should tackle this?



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          Each item on your check list should be a separate record.

          There are many options for how you could work with such a record. The simpliest is just to set up a list view layout to list all your check list items, but a portal listing the items is also possible.

          The key will be in how you incorporate such a list of items into the rest of your database. You might have a table of audits where there is one record for each audit. A table of audit types that links to a table of audit items. Yet another table might list all the audit responses to each item for a specific audit and so forth.

          It all depends how how sophisticated a design is needed to do what you need here.

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                 Oops sorry for the last post. The picture and the rest of it didn't get through.

                 Anyway, I am new too and after much tinkering on creating a safety audit (aviation) checklist managed to design one; and as PhilModJunk(!) had suggested it... created tables and all (with a 300 plus checklist items.

                 The only problem now is that the checklist response that I created for each item is duplicated for a new checklist. Meaning to say for example:

                 If I were to select a new record for a new audit, the previous audit response is replicated for that particular checklist automatically in the new record. Any help???