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Inspection Date countdown issue...

Question asked by productionQC on Feb 21, 2014
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Inspection Date countdown issue...



     I have a field called "InspectionDate" that the user inputs the inspection date for a vehicle.  Once that date is input I have a field called "DaysToInspect".  Everything works great until you pass the inspection date.  Obviously the days to inspection go into a negative count, showing "-15 days" etc.  There are two things I need to accommodate.  The inspection month and day are the same every year, once the first date is sent.  If an inspection is missed I do need to flag it as missed.  But I also need the "DaysToInspect" to reset it's countdown to the following year.  As the days count down to 0 and passed I don't want -1,-2,-3, etc. I want 364, 363, 362.  What's the best approach for doing this?