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Install FileMaker Pro 13 in Linux via WINE or ?

Question asked by GailLaForest on Jun 26, 2014
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Install FileMaker Pro 13 in Linux via WINE or ?



     I have a client that very much wants to migrate his computers from Apple to Linux (Windows is definitely not an option).  He uses an extensive FileMaker Pro database and needs to use it within the Linux OS.  Our shop is quite comfortable with Linux but I'm not sure how to advise him about this.

     My question is:

     Has anyone successfully installed, and used, FileMaker Pro (client) in Linux?
     Did you use WINE, or did you create a Windows virtual machine?
     If you were successful (or not), which version of FMP did you install?
     Were there any additional steps needed to get the software running?

     Any help and/or opinion on this is much appreciated.

     I have already submitted a feature request for either porting to Linux or for a native installation.  I've also done extensive research online and have not found much useable information at all.