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Install OnTimer Script

Question asked by AnthonyGiuliano on Apr 8, 2014
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Install OnTimer Script


     I seem to be having problems getting two OnTimer scripts running simultaneously without them interfering with each other.  I'll open a new window, run a 1-step script that just Installs OnTimer Script, open a second window, then run another 1-step script installing OnTimer.  I check back in a few hours and it seems like one of them is running in the wrong window.  I can tell because one of the timer scripts has a loop where it goes to a portal row record, etc., but the other window doesn't have a portal on the layout so it gets caught in that loop once it starts running in the wrong window.

     Any ideas on how to make these OnTimer Scripts stay running in the correct window, or insight into how this works that may help me understand what the problem is?

     Thanks in advance!