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Install OnTImer Script Interrupting Data Entry

Question asked by skashanchi on Aug 13, 2015
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Install OnTImer Script Interrupting Data Entry


I have a list view that displays trips that need to be dispatched. This list view has a few of enterable fields which eh dispatcher needs to update regularly. Other users (pone answerers) are creating records in a different layout and all records created today need to be displayed in this list view for the dispatcher to see.

So I have a Install OnTImer Script that runs every a script every 60 seconds to refresh the list (these records need to be seen as quickly as possible, thus the 60 second refresh time). The script searches for records created today and sorts them based on creation date.

The problem I am having is that if the dispatcher is trying to enter data in one of the fields in this list view when the 60 second interval is hit and the script runs, the user is prompted to save the record or cancel, etc. Well the user may not be done entering the proper data in the fields, so saving is not a good option, and obviously cancel is not a good option either.

Is there a way to suspend the timer when a field is entered? Do I need a script in each enterable field to disable the timer, and then reinstate the timer upon field exit? But I can also see a problem that if the user just sits parked in a field that would leave the layout in a non refresh mode.

Any help or suggestiosn is appreciated.