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    Install-Builder for FM-Runtime on Win 7 (read-only issue)

    Benjamin Fehr


      Install-Builder for FM-Runtime on Win 7 (read-only issue)


      I'm using Smart-Installer (www.sminstaller.com) as install-builder for Windows to distribute my FM-Runtime solution.

      There must be any FM Application ressources which are set to 'read-only' after installation on Windows 7 and sometimes even on Win. Vista. Though first customer experience with my product might end in a fatal error message (55 errors occured …)

      You can manually set read- and general-user-privileges to the whole folder to get rid of this. But that's not what I call a nice user-experience!

      Is this likely

      a.) a FileMaker issue?

      b.) any issue caused by the install builder?

      c.) some freaking Microsoft behaviour?

      I know of other Software-Companies who struggle with the same issue.


      How doe's FileMaker Inc. handle this? They put FMP installation also into same root:

      c :/ Program Files (x86)/

      Is there any script in theirs install-builder to set access-privileges after installation is completed?


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          A bit more information would help here. What operation produced this error message? Were you importing data, performing a script with Replace Field contents or ???

          Since this is a run time solution, you won't have other users modifying records, thus you need to check the permissions in the privilege set to see if they were a factor. (If a file was set to read-only, I'd expect to see a different error message than one that didn't allow individual records to be modified.)

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            Benjamin Fehr

            none of all. I use an install-builder which unpacks the compressed FM-RT ressources, then brings up the license-agreement and when checked as "accepted", moves the ressources into the designated folder (C:/Program Files(x86)), before writing a startup alias on desktop.

            After installations complet, Windows 7, for any freaking reasons, has set access-privileges for several files to 'read-only'.

            As a consequence, when starting up the RunTime, scripts can not perform due to some read-only state and the fact that datas can not be modified!

            You can resolve the issue by rightmouse click the entire Folder, choose Properties and set user and groups to "Full control" privileges.

            Though first of all it's probabely a Windows 7 issue (?!).

            You can find the download-link here (sorry, german only):



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              Were you installing into the program folder? I've seen reports where that lead to read-only files. The solution there was to install into a different location.

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                Benjamin Fehr

                I know about those reports. But program ressources are supposed to be installed into the folder"Programs (x86)'. Though when FMI can install FMP or FMA into that folder, FMI obviously has found a way to get rid of that 'read-only' issue. 

                Any script in installer which is editing the users privileges?

                There are workarrounds which recommends to write into a dufferent HD partition. That's a no go!

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                  I wouldn't consider it a "no go" as it works just fine to put the run time solution elsewhere than inside the programs folder where putting them inside the programs folder does not.

                  Keep in mind that a run time solutions folder contains both the data file and the executable file. While you'd put the executable for MS word inside the program folder, you wouldn't put your word documents there. The same is true for the runtime, but because it is bundled into a single directory, you have to either put the folder outside the programs folder or find an installer that lets you control the read only privileges of files installed inside the programs folder.