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Install-Builder for FM-Runtime on Win 7 (read-only issue)

Question asked by Benjamin Fehr on May 25, 2012
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Install-Builder for FM-Runtime on Win 7 (read-only issue)


I'm using Smart-Installer ( as install-builder for Windows to distribute my FM-Runtime solution.

There must be any FM Application ressources which are set to 'read-only' after installation on Windows 7 and sometimes even on Win. Vista. Though first customer experience with my product might end in a fatal error message (55 errors occured …)

You can manually set read- and general-user-privileges to the whole folder to get rid of this. But that's not what I call a nice user-experience!

Is this likely

a.) a FileMaker issue?

b.) any issue caused by the install builder?

c.) some freaking Microsoft behaviour?

I know of other Software-Companies who struggle with the same issue.


How doe's FileMaker Inc. handle this? They put FMP installation also into same root:

c :/ Program Files (x86)/

Is there any script in theirs install-builder to set access-privileges after installation is completed?