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Installation advice needed

Question asked by EmmaGlaisher on Dec 31, 2012
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Installation advice needed



     I'm a long-time user of Filemaker in my own work, we're still running v9.

     Now I'm writing a database freelance for a client. I am buying Filemaker Pro 12 for them. They use PCs. So I will need to install the legitimate copy on my home Mac for further work on the database. (When I've saved up a bit more cash I will buy FMP 12 Advanced for myself and free up their copy.)

     Question: If I download FM and make a CD backup from my Mac, will I be able to install it on their PC or will it have become platform-specific? I'd rather download for speed. But maybe the client would rather have a boxed version? So best to purchase download plus discs? And if I install it on my Mac, should I put in their registration details since they are the ultimate owner? Does installing on the Mac first make mine the 'prime' version or doesn't it matter? I'd rather convert the database and get a quick play with 12 before installing it on their PCs and looking unprofessional (which I am).

     Any thoughts very welcome. Honestly, the database itself is pretty simple and much easier to handle than all these scary decisions!