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Installation and Activation Problems with Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced and Windows 7 64-bit OS

Question asked by smcspad on Sep 29, 2009
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Installation and Activation Problems with Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced and Windows 7 64-bit OS


How can I get FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced to install and run in a Windows 7, 64-bit environment (or in a virtual 32-bit environment on the same machine)? 




I am a long-time Windows FileMaker user. I recently built a new quad-core PC and installed the Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit operating system. I attempted to deactivate FM9 Pro Advanced on my old PC, which used a Windows XP Pro, 32-bit OS. The de-activation process "hung" for several minutes and I never received any indication that the process had succeeded or failed. I finally closed the browser. When I attempted to restart FM9 Pro on the old (XP) computer, it requested that I activate the product. This lead me to believe that the deactivation was successful. (First Mistake!)


I then attempted to install FM9 Pro on the new, 64-bit computer and it appeared to install correctly. However, when I started the program, I did not get an activation screen, nor did I get the normal "handholding" screen that usually comes up by default in a new installation. Instead, Filemaker opened to a full, blank screen. Any attempt to resize the screen or select something from the menu bar causes the application to hang with a "(Not Responding)" message in the title bar.


Next, I attempted to install the software in a virtual PC environment (which is available as a part of Windows 7 Ultimate). It installed, but the activation process failed. The program closes with the following FileMaker error message: "A general activation error has occurred (-103)." This error usually occurrs in a Windows Terminal Services environment.


Even more frustrating, when I went back to my other computer and tried to reactivate FileMaker, I received a message saying "Your grace period has expired," (or similar wording). I am now completely "dead in the water" as far as FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced is concerned.


Strangely enough, FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced DOES install and run correctly in a virtual 32-bit environment on my new computer.


Has FileMaker decided to abandon Windows 64-bit users?