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    Installer creator for Mac



      Installer creator for Mac


      Ok,, Kick me now but I am not a Apple guy and do not use a Mac. I have one, I just do not use it.


      Anyway creating a program installer for Windows is a piece of cake for me but I no clue what is best to use or steps to take to create an installer package for installing my app on a Mac.

      I read some instructions months back about creating a installer package with some Apple software but the instructions sounded like it would be easier to calculate a flight path to the moon.


      So, question is.. What do most use to create a installer package for Mac's?


      Thanks in advance.


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          I'm not a Mack user either but ;

          I am not a Apple guy and do not use a Mac. I have one, I just do not use it.

          You really do need to open and test your solution on the Mac before you then use that Mac to generate a run time series of files. Only then are you ready to configure an installer. (The same basic steps are needed for setting up the windows version of a run time solution. )

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            I have to open on the Mac anyway just to create the Mac runtime so naturally that part will be tested first just as it is on a Windows machine.


            On my windows I just open my install creator then select the files I want to install, tell it where, setup the desktop icons and click go. It then creates a executable installer file.


            So that is what I am asking what is the best way to do that on a Mac. I load my app in FileMaker on the Mac, create the runtime and now instead of just handing a bunch of files to the end user and saying here it is, you figure out how to put it on your Mac, I am looking for a suggested install creator for Mac's.

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              Hi Preston,

              The simplest way to distribute your runtime is to use the Disk Utility application located in your Mac's Utilities folder.

              Choose "New>Disk Image from Folder…" from its File menu and then select your runtime folder.  This will create a .dmg file which you can send to others.  When opened on their Mac's, they can drag the runtime folder to their Applications folder.  

              You probably don't have a developer's certificate to codesign your runtime for GateKeeper security so instruct your users to set their system preferences>security & privacy to "Mac App Store and identified developers" and to hold down the control key when they open your runtime for the first time.

              You can also create an install package using PackageMaker but that is more of a black art.  Contact me for details on this if you are interested.




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                Thanks Jon,


                I have a developers certificate that I sign all my Windows Apps with. I need to see if they have the signing utility to do it on a Mac as well.

                I just want to make the install as painless as I can for the end user.

                I will be contacting you about this a bit more.

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                  You're welcome, Preston.   

                  The signing utility is the Terminal application found in your Utilities folder.  I can direct you to the script needed to codesign the runtime under Yosemite (OS X 10.10) but I think you will need Apple's Developer Certificate ($99 US).   Unless you have a lot of users, I doubt that it is worth it.


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                    So Apple makes you purchase the cert from them? I have a certificate from Comodo that I use to sign my PC apps.


                    I think I have OSX 10.9 on my Mac and I believe it will not run the latest OSX.  I only have it to create FileMaker apps for a Mac so I am not going to spend thousands to upgrade just to make the app work for handful of end users.


                    I may not even need to really worry about it right now as I have a pre-release sale going on right now and not one customer has selected the Mac version. So far, all Windows. But I still need to figure this out.

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                      I'm not certain about the need for an Apple certificate.  You can give your Comodo certificate a try.  Again, you do not need to sign the runtime if the Mac users setup their security preferences as noted in my first post.

                      Yosemite is a free upgrade from OS X 10.9 and should work on a Mac that currently runs OS X 10.9.

                      Post back here or send me a private message when you've lined up some Mac customers.

                      Good luck with your project and have a Happy New Year!





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                        Thanks Jon,


                        I will try all  that out in a day or so and see how it goes.