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    Installing FileMaker on PDA



      Installing FileMaker on PDA


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      Can anyone help me? I have a PDA (Palm TungstenE2). I have tried to install FileMaker Mobile 7, but I had some problems. FirstI install the programme in the PDA, and that’s ok. Then I try to install thedatabases but the PDA crashes down and I thought maybe it didn’t have enoughmemory. Then I use a Memory Card, and I try to install the programme and thedatabases and they  just don’t getinstalled. I have already contacted Palm, but they say that maybe it is becauseof the programme. How should I install in my PDA, FileMaker Mobile 7 and it’sdatabases? Or is there any update for this version, that’s easier to installand work with?


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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Mobile was discontinued after version 8.  However, we should still be able to get you installed.


          First, here are the system requirements for FileMaker Mobile 7 from the :


          Palm OS compatible handheld

          2 MB of storage

          Palm OS 3.5-5.2

          HotSync cradle or cable


          It sounds like you have all this, as you were able to install.


          Do you get an error message when you try to install the databases?  If so, what is that message?


          You may want to look at Knowledge Base article #5277.  




          This gives explicit directions how to install FileMaker Mobile 7 and synchronization module.  If you are still having difficulty, please let me know.



          FileMaker, Inc.