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Installing FileMaker on PDA

Question asked by Mirandesa on Jan 22, 2009
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Installing FileMaker on PDA


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Can anyone help me? I have a PDA (Palm TungstenE2). I have tried to install FileMaker Mobile 7, but I had some problems. FirstI install the programme in the PDA, and that’s ok. Then I try to install thedatabases but the PDA crashes down and I thought maybe it didn’t have enoughmemory. Then I use a Memory Card, and I try to install the programme and thedatabases and they  just don’t getinstalled. I have already contacted Palm, but they say that maybe it is becauseof the programme. How should I install in my PDA, FileMaker Mobile 7 and it’sdatabases? Or is there any update for this version, that’s easier to installand work with?


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