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Installing Plugins

Question asked by Pfeffer on Nov 30, 2009


Installing Plugins


Is anyone familiar with compiling plugins in FileMaker? I'm editing a plugin using Xcode.(I inherited it from a previous employee). I made my additions, compiled the code and set my target to the extensions folder. Everything worked perfectly.

Now I need to pass this plugin out to the rest of the company.

I am using PackageMaker. Again, everything seems to install correctly, the plugin appears in the extensions folder, but when I actually open FM and look in the Preferences->Plugins, I see nothing. I tried doing the same thing with the old code and it all worked.

Does anyone know what would cause a plugin in the extensions folder to not appear in the plugin list?? I've run out of ideas...

I've been focusing on permissions, but even when the file is 777 it still doesn't show up. Here are some other ideas I'm playing with:

  • I have been trying to base my current package off an old one that works perfectly. But I must be missing something...
  • Components. I tried adding each part as a separate 'choice' and just one 'choice' with many components, but non worked.
  • Minimum Target - both 10.4???
  • Xcode compiling with my 10.4 sdk.???
If anyone has an idea I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!