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Installing runtime solution on target computer

Question asked by easyway on Jun 9, 2014
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Installing runtime solution on target computer


     I have created a runtime solution which I have copied to a flash drive and then copied into the programme folder on another computer, created a shortcut on the desktop and this works fine.

     However it is not practical or convenient or indeed desirable to do this on someone else's computer and I need to be able to produce a CD or DVD which the user can then install and run himself without copying and pasting into the programme folder.

     I understand the CD version of Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced contains software to do this but the download (which I have) does not. I spoke to FM about this and they didn't seem to know much about it and I couldn't find a way of ordering the CD on its own from the website.

     Any ideas on how I can create a CD with the runtime solution which the user can install simply on his/her computer which will also include an uninstall option?