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Instant Publishing to website

Question asked by DuaneJuell on Nov 30, 2012
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Instant Publishing to website


     I am using FileMaker Pro 11 and want to publish my database on the web for access anywhere.  I have Instant Web Publishing on and it is published at my IP address.  It is available only to other computers on my LAN.  I tried the URL on a computer outside my LAN and got either "Connection Timed Out" or "Server Not Responding" 

     We have a computer we can dedicate to being a server.

     Or, I have a website hosted with Network Solutions and could host the database there.  I read the Instant Web Publishing Guide and called Network Solutions (not clever people) but can't get this figured out. 

     Do I need to move on to FileMaker Server?  We won't have more than 5 people on the database at a time. 

     I just need a clue to look in the right direction.  Thanks