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    Instant Publishing to website



      Instant Publishing to website


           I am using FileMaker Pro 11 and want to publish my database on the web for access anywhere.  I have Instant Web Publishing on and it is published at my IP address.  It is available only to other computers on my LAN.  I tried the URL on a computer outside my LAN and got either "Connection Timed Out" or "Server Not Responding" 

           We have a computer we can dedicate to being a server.

           Or, I have a website hosted with Network Solutions and could host the database there.  I read the Instant Web Publishing Guide and called Network Solutions (not clever people) but can't get this figured out. 

           Do I need to move on to FileMaker Server?  We won't have more than 5 people on the database at a time. 

           I just need a clue to look in the right direction.  Thanks

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               Your internet connection is Cable or DSL, the Modem | Router that connects has a Web IP Address.
               This address can be found at http://whatismyIPAddress.com

               IF it is a Modem, only one computer can be connected, unlikely.

               IF it is a Router, it does not know which computer to send the FMP IWP request to.
               The Local IP Address for the FMP hosting computer is listed in FMP's IWP setup window.
               The Port selected in the IWP setup defaults to Port 80 (same as a website server).
               591 is the port set aside for FMP IWP traffic - you can set this as the port in FMP's IWP setup.

               You must Forward the IWP requests to the correct computer on your local network.
          http://portforward.com   has instructions for hundreds of routers - knowing your make and model is required.
               If your hosting computer's Local IP Address is   your router's Local IP Address is
               Setting up the Port Forwarding requires a wired connection to the router.
               There is a default  UserName and Password for accessing the router setup, AND it may have been changed.
               Taping the IP Address, router Username, and router Password to the router is a good idea.

               If your router has port forwarding set correctly and your Web IP Address is
               AND you are using Port 80   outside access in a browser would be    OR
               OR if you are using Port 591   outside access in a browser would be    OR

               The question has been asked before.  You can see other explanations here.