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Instant Web PUblishing

Question asked by Wim1 on Nov 5, 2009
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Instant Web PUblishing


For a year we have used IWP publishing on our Windows XP machine.  This is a stand alone machine with basically nothing else on it.  We don't' even have a keyboard or monitor on it because nobody actually uses the machine.  We just use it to run a copy of Filemaker, which runs both IWP and to a few shared users on the local LAN.  The only software updates or installs are Symantec Antivirus and Win XP updates.  I say all this because today the IWP stopped working and now we get the message "FileMaker cannot share files over the web because Instant Web Publishing cannot be started" whenever we open the program.  I have searched the forums and have seen no real answer other than to call tech support.  There was one post about deleting files, maybe something about web.prefs, but there wasn't enough info to do anything.


Again, this has been working fine and then just stopped.  Do anybody have any other thoughts are ideas?