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    Instant Web Publishing



      Instant Web Publishing


      We are setting up a new members log in area on our public website www.housingrights.org.uk. As part of this area we would like to make our library databases available. We originally set up 3 databases in Filemaker 5 and have upgraded over the years. I tried out the instant web publishing and it seemed to work i.e. the links to the 3 databases appeared in the web publishing page and the databases are accessible. However, on closer inspection, I discovered that one of my searchable fields, (which is working fine in the database), is not working properly. The field text box has an arrow to the right which makes it appear like a drop down menu, though its not. Also, it won't let me enter any text into the box for searching. Therefore, the search facility is not working. I have looked at the actual database and that particular field is working. I have looked at the set up of the field and can't see anything wrong with it. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be? Our databases are on a Mac OS X version 10.5.8. Thanks. 

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          Thanks for your post.


          First, what version of FileMaker are you using?


          I would recommend several things in this scenario. First try a differnt browser to verify the behavior is replicating in multiple browsers. Sometimes behavior like this is a failure of the browser to interpret the HTML code correctly. Asuming you get the same behavior in a different web browser proceed with the following.


          Savve a compacted and cloned copy of the database. Compacting removes any unused data blocks in the database, which is the biggest source of corruption in a file. the cloned copy makes a complete structural duplicate of your database file without any records. I usally recommend the compacted copy first followed by a clone of the compacted copy. The compacted clone wil be the cleanest file you can get out of FileMaker. My thinking here is that you are seeing the byproduct of corruption within your file.


          To make both of the above listed copies of your file the process is virtually identical. Save the file locally to a FileMaker Pro machine (if it's not already on the local drive). Open the file normally, then navigate to File>Save a copy as... and this will bring up a standard dialogue box for saving a file. At the bottom of the window will be a dropdown labeld Save A and list copy, compacted copy or clone. Make a compactred copy first, then open that copy of the file and do the same process choosing clone as the copy option.


          Once you have both the compacted and compacted clone copies, host both through IWP and see if the behavior changes. If this fails recreate the layout object for the field in the compacted and compacted clone copies and see if this resolves the issue.


          Please keep me posted wityh any results.



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            In addition to those tests, you might want to run a recover on the file an see if any problems are reported. I don't recommend using the recovered file if you have any reasonable alternative, but this can be a quick "cat scan" of your file for possible causes of this type of trouble.