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    Instant Web Publishing



      Instant Web Publishing


      I am having trouble opening my database on another network.  The error reads "Safari can't open the page because the server where this page is located isn't responding." Any suggestions?  I have never done any kind of instant web publishing.

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          Certainly light on information as to how you have things configured.

          When you refer to "another network", what do you mean? Is there a router between the networks? Does it have the appropriate ports open? How is the host on that network referred to? Perhaps you are using a network IP address when your router should be directing the request? Can you ping the host?

          Can you access the database via IWP when you are on the same network?

          More details on your network setup and any troubleshooting you have done would help.

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            What I do it turn Instant Web publishing on. Then select the database that I would like to open. I am trying to have a wireless computer access the database in another town. We have a router in each location.  How would I know if the appropriate ports are open? I am using the computers IP address.  How would I locate the router IP address?  How would I ping the host? What is an IWP on the same network?

            I have tried to specify an IP address for the computer that I would like to allow.  

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              OK, so it appears that you don't know a lot about networking. That is fine but you need to learn more in order to get it configured to work across a WAN to a machine in another town.

              Typically, in each location, your router will have an IP address assigned by your provider (ISP). This may be static (fixed, the same all the time) but is more commonly assigned from a pool each time the router starts up (dynamic). Dynamic IP addresses are problematic here because the destination keeps changing.

              The router in each location will probably assign IP addresses for each computer on the network (say in a range 10.1.x.x or 192.168.x.x). These are not visible outside the network, only from the router inwards. The router can also be configured with a routing table. This is a list of internal IP addresses that will respond to requests on certain ports. For example, http web page requests are usually port 80 and IWP requests are typically either port 80 or port 591.

              So, for a machine on one network to 'see' a machine on the other network, you send a request with a port number to the router on that network (e.g. is a request on port 591). The router will then pass the request by port number to the appropriate machine on the network (according to the routing table). The response is sent back to the original router and passed back to the requesting machine.

              So that's a basic idea of what is needed to get set up. The easiest way to find your IP for each network on the Internet is to go to http://whatismyip.com/ Unless you have specifically asked for a static IP address in your plan, it is probably dynamic (static usually costs something).

              Then you need to configure your router (routing table) on the IWP host network to handle requests for web pages. I can't advise directly because it depends on which router you have.

              Hopefully this gives you more of an idea of what you need. You may need to get professional help to get it set up.

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                No I am very new to all of this.  Thanks for all of your help.

                I have found the IP address for each location using that website. Mine is and I believe both locations are dynamic.  The other location is on a wireless network, which I understand can make the IP address change often.

                The router address for my machine is and the personal IP address is The routing table that you are talking about is that when you open Instant Web Publishing and you can specify which IP address you want to allow?  

                using network utility I found for these are the available ports:

                Port Scanning host:

                 Open TCP Port: 80     http

                Open TCP Port: 88     kerberos

                Open TCP Port: 139    netbios-ssn

                Open TCP Port: 445    microsoft-ds

                Open TCP Port: 515    printer

                Open TCP Port: 631    ipp

                Open TCP Port: 3324

                Open TCP Port: 3766

                Open TCP Port: 5003   fmpro-internal

                Open TCP Port: 16017

                How do I request a Port on the other network?  

                I have AT&T 2Wire router.

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                  IWP Outside of Network covers it pretty well.

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                    I have read over the above thread and I still am not able to open the database online.

                    I found out that I have a dynamic IP address in both locations.  The next step is to turn on the IWP in FM, which I have done so.  What is my next step?

                    I am receiving the error message "Safari can’t open the page “” because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. This sometimes occurs when the server is busy. Wait for a few minutes, and then try again." 

                    Is this my server or the internet provider server?

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                      Setup database for IWP access.

                      Turn on IWP.

                      Test IWP on the computer running FMP with IWP on.


                      If this works, you have things setup correctly in FMP

                      Test from another computer on your local network, using the IP address listed in FMP IWP panel.

                      If this works, the next step is forwarding the correct port to the computer IP address running IWP