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    Instant web publishing



      Instant web publishing


      Although I have read what I can find, I am still a little unsure about Web Publishing and wondered if anyone can clarify for me.

      I have FM Pro 11 Advanced. - Am I able to publish my db to the web so that my collegue (in another country)can log in and edit the files without having a database host or server sofware ?

      I have tried Instand Web Publishing according to the user guide and can see the database on my other PC - but this is on my local network.

      Thanks in advance


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          Yes this can be done, but your collegue has to point their browser at your networks internet router--which in turn has to use port forwarding to pass the connection to your computer where you have the file open and published. I haven't set this up myself, but that's what I know from other threads here in the forum. You can use the search tool to search the forum for "port forwarding" to find the same thread I read and some of their links to other information sources.

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            Thankyou, that makes more sense to me.


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              I read the FMPA 11 user licence yesterday while installing an upgrade and it specifically forbade using a non-server version of FM to serve your database in any way other than on a local intranet.


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                I really don't think that's correct, Mac. If you're referring to section 1(e), that seems to be about sharing copies of the application on your network, not sharing your files.

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                  Thanks for the clarification - it wasn't very clear to be honest and I'm glad you cleared it up. It seems then to say you can use the software on an Internal Private Network provided the other computer you use it on also has a separate licence - in other words, you can use it from a "server" (which has a licenced copy of FMP) provided you use it on another computer than also has a FMP licence. Seems rather superfluous: if I have a licence for it on my existing computer, why would I want to run it from the serving computer as well? Just so I can have the honour of paying for two licences for one user? :lol: 

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                    IP Addresses can be Static (constant) or Dynamic (may change randomly)

                    You have a dynamic IP address now (http://whatismyipaddress.com)

                    You have a router that allows the 3 or 4 computers to share that IP address with the outside world.

                    If you have the database running on one of your computers with sharing turned on

                    A request for your database from outside your local network will go the router. The router is not running the database and the request will fail (with or without error message). If you set the router to forward the request for that port to the computer running the database, outside computers will be able to access the database.

                    you can tell your router to forward port requests for Filemaker to that computer.

                    If your Internet IP address is  and the local computers' addresses are

                    Computer #1  (sharing the filemaker database)

                    Computer #2

                    Computer #3

                    You tell the router to forward Filemaker port requests to Computer #1



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                      I have been away for a few days and only just read everyone's replies.

                      This has been a great help in clarifying things and I have asked my ISP to supply me (small fee) with a static IP address so i can take it further.

                      I will post my progress

                      Thanks everyone

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                        At the risk of asking too many questions:

                        We have a small office (3 rooms - 3 PCs)

                        Can anyone please tell me -

                        If we purchase FM 'server edition' can that be set up on our main PC in order for users to access to our database via their browsers, - but still keep our other files proceted (we do not run a network server, just the networking system with windows 7) or should the server edition be on a separate machine ?

                        thanks again

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                          If you plan to use Instant Web Publishing, you'll need to use either Filemaker Pro ( Up to 5 simultaneous users ) or Filemaker Pro Server Advanced to enable users to access your files with a web browser--unless you plan to use Custom Web Publishing which takes quite a bit more programming work to set up.

                          With either option, using a dedicated machine for this is a good idea.

                          With the correct firewall and port settings, this should be possible without exposing your work stations to the outside world.

                          Some users choose to pay a hosting service to host their FileMaker IWP database for them.

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                            I have now got a static ip address and it is configured in my router. I have (I think) also configured port forwarding to 591. I have set up a template db as a test and configured the instant web publishing sections.

                            When I enter the address in my browser it does not seem to work.

                            Am I missing something ?

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                              Are you using the external web address to access the internal web served FMP app? You may find you can only use that access for users external to your LAN; otherwise you may need to use your internal http://192.168.xxx.xxx address... and of course from a different computer than the host.


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                                FMP10 IWP Setup PDF


                                Testing your IWP setup.

                                [1] At the computer that is hosting the database, open browser and enter or

                                If the database does not open, the IWP settings in Filemaker or the database are incorrect.

                                [2] At another computer on the same local network, open browser and enter  http://hostlocalIPAddress:591/fmi/iwp

                                This should work if the first test works.

                                [3] At a computer on another network, open browser and enter

                                If the first two worked and this does not, the portforwarding on the router or firewall settings are incorrect.

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                                  I have tried accessing the database via the browser on my local network as advised and it works on the 3 different machines in our office

                                  - I will try using my home PC when I get home tonight to see if it works.

                                  But can anyone access my database now with the above address ? - I have opened on of the database templates (event manager)

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                                    Yep, it works!

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