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Instant web publishing

Question asked by LawnGuy on Mar 9, 2011


Instant web publishing


I am trying to set up instant web publishing. I am using mac 10.6.6 with snow leopard as host machine and I'm using filemakerpro 11. I believe I have everything set up on host end.  I can access the site from host machine, click on file I want to work with and am prompted for account name and password. I didn't set any restrictions, or assign accounts and passwords or even know how this is done so I can't know what this information is, so I can't log into my own database. From a second machine (similar to one I would use to access database from field) I can't even get this far, it won't even connect to the site. I've read a few posts concerning port forwarding but don't quite understand what this is about, I do use a cisco linksys E3000 router. I was informed through warning box that there was a port conflict for port 80 so as per instructions (instant web publishing PDF) I changed port to 591, and adjusted http address to include IP address + :591. But am now stumped. Any ideas?