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Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by BulbulMajumder on Aug 18, 2011
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Instant Web Publishing


I have two databases. One is "Student" and other one is "Class". I need to publish "Student" layout in web, as any web user can create an "Student" account in "Student" database through this layout and fill out student information form  as a new record. Then he/she should not be allowed to go through other records with other student information. After submitting his/her student information, he/she would be allowed through all "Class" information in read only mode and from which he/she would select his/her choice and register for the class.

I am not enough confident that I tried right or wrong. But in web the student layout is showing up the last created record (i.e., filled with student information of someone else). This is completely unexpected. After hitting on "submit" button, new form is showing up for creating new student record.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.