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    Instant Web Publishing



      Instant Web Publishing


      I have two databases. One is "Student" and other one is "Class". I need to publish "Student" layout in web, as any web user can create an "Student" account in "Student" database through this layout and fill out student information form  as a new record. Then he/she should not be allowed to go through other records with other student information. After submitting his/her student information, he/she would be allowed through all "Class" information in read only mode and from which he/she would select his/her choice and register for the class.

      I am not enough confident that I tried right or wrong. But in web the student layout is showing up the last created record (i.e., filled with student information of someone else). This is completely unexpected. After hitting on "submit" button, new form is showing up for creating new student record.

      Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

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          Try setting up a script that is specified in File Options to hide all previous records. Performing a find for a negative value in a serial number field, for example, can pull up an empty found set so that the fields are all blank until the user clicks a button to create a new record and start the registration process.

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            The above solution is working excellent. I appreciate for this help.

            I need to transfer the whole updated database values from my server to some other server where a copy of this database is already available.

            Is there any procedure or script by which it will be done automatically at certain time gap, like 'auto save' or something?

            Please help me.

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              We routinely move all of our Purchase Order Records (We buy scrap metal and redeem used beverage containers from the public) to an Archive file on a nightly basis. Sounds like it could serve as a model for what you want to do here.

              Define an import records script in the file of the file that will receive your imported records (the target file). Then use a script in the file that will send the records (the source file) to find all the records you want to send to the target file then uses Perform Script to perform the import script in the target file to import this found set from the source file into the target.

              How you schedule this to take place on a regular basis can be a bit tricky. A server scheduled script cannot perform this script as server scheduled scripts cannot import data from another FileMaker file.

              You can use Install OnTimer script to set a specific timer for exporting the data.

              You can set this up in a script that runs each time the file is opened or each time that it is closed.

              You can use a system scheduler such as Windows Task Manager to "run" a FileMaker "robot file" that performs this script each time it is opened.