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    Instant Web Publishing



      Instant Web Publishing


      Okay so I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge.  I recently purchased File Maker Pro 11; I have succesfully set up Network access but find myself struggling with the Instant Web Publishing feature.  I have followed the instructions to the letter and am not able to access the file on my Ipad using File maker go.  The error message I recieve states that no files are available; I am than promted to enter the file name, which I do and still no file access.  Any help will be appreciated.....thank you in advance!

      Al W.

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          Instant Web Publishing is used to access a Filemaker file using a web browser.  You would not need to have a Filemaker Client (or Filemaker Go) installed on the accessing computer.

          Do you want to access the file using Filemaker Go (presumably?), or do you want to access it with a web browser?

          In both instances you will need to have the file launched on a host computer.  You will also have to have enabled (in File -> Sharing) access by that method (IWP or FM Network) to at least one account.  To start with (just to debug) you need to have both workstations on the same network.  Once you establish that works you can consider access from outside your network.