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    Instant Web Publishing



      Instant Web Publishing


           Hello & Happy New Year,

           I am trying to incorporate Instant Web Publishing in one of my Filemaker 12 solutions. I understand that for IWP to work, the layout needs to be classic theme. However, I only want people viewing via the web to have access to one screen - not ythe whole database.

           So can I have my chosen layout for IWP as classic theme and the rest other themes, or does my entire database have to be in classic theme ? I am writing a script that runs at start up to determine whether a user is coming in via the web or via filemaker client. Thanks






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               Although IWP only supports Classic theme, I don't believe this would prevent users from viewing layouts that have another theme attached. Why don't you have a stripped down version of the solution to run on IWP?  Simply delete all layouts you don't need and save under a different name.

               my 2 cents . . .

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                 I found the answer - it is possible to do as I wanted. My problem was that in my start up script, I had a custom dialog box, to tell me which privilege set I was using. However dialog boxes are not compatible with IWP - and that was causing the error. I removed the dialogue box and everything was fine.