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Question asked by EdwardAlvarez on May 5, 2014


Instant Web Publishing



I am looking to host my data base online so that my employees can see what jobs are available. I am testing IWP and it is working just fine. My problem comes with the number of active employees i have. During my busiest time I have 250+ employees, not all of them will log in at the same time but i am sure there will times where 100 or more log in at the same time. I know IWP is a free service and that works perfectly for me, I do not want pay $10K for user names. 

The only thing I need my employees to use FM is to see what is available. they will not be able to make any changes or enter any data. This is strictly just to see what jobs are available.

     So my question is, can host my data with IWP and have 100+ connected at the same time?

     Thank you

     Ed Alvarez