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    Instant Web Publishing (IWP) beyond the local network



      Instant Web Publishing (IWP) beyond the local network


           I set up IWP and it works on all the computers sharing my router.  I am realizing though that just about everyone in the world seems to have the same IP address: "192.168.1.*", and when I tried on an outside computer, it does not work.  I am not very familiar with IP addresses, but I thought they were unique to each computer.  How do I access my FileMaker database on a computer in another building?  I can't seem to find the answer in the FileMaker literature.

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               You are right, almost everyone has such a IP address, it is a 'local' IP address: within a local network, home or business, not the world wide web. There you have been assigned an IP address by your internet-provider. You can view this address by visiting http://whatismyipaddress.com from your computer. 

               That will give you the IP address you are looking for. Then you will most likely have to tell all network routers in between the internet-modem en your PC that they should direct all traffic to your PC; this is called port-forwarding, I believe there is a section on that in the fileMaker documentation, otherwise a search on their site will give you more info. And you will probably have to visit your firewall settings as well. Again, the FileMaker IWP documentation has something on this, I believe.