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    Instant Web Publishing (IWP) differences



      Instant Web Publishing (IWP) differences


      Is there a place I can go to find the complete list of things that will/won't work in Instant Web Publishing?  I'm preparing a database built in FMP10 for a web environment and I'm trying to make the proper adjustments so that the behavior in both the desktop client and web environment are as similar as possible.  I've already noticed a couple items:


      -scripts that rely on active modifier keys apparently do not work in IWP

      -certain design elements are not showing up in IWP (empty rectangle with a thick line used as a border)

      -OnLayoutLoad script triggers don't seem to be working, but I found another thread that seems to address this


      Also, is there a scriptable solution to get around the extra step of clicking "Submit" for the current record in the sidebar?



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          I am sorry.

          Do you have Script at the bottom

          Show Compatibility

          Set to Web Publishing


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               I have seen and tried this feature, but the Get (ActiveModifierKeys) script steps are not colored grey.  Also, the OnLayoutLoad issue was not apparent until I tried them out in Web Publishing.
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              In addition to the script compatibility question David addressed, you may want to review also Chapters 3 and 4 of the IWP Guide (Help > Product Documentation > IWP Guide). It gives a good overview of the major differences and limitations of IWP.


              Also, several specific topics (e.g., script triggers) in the general online Help information include Notes with IWP implications. As you probably have discovered, for example, script triggers in IWP can be activated only via scripts, not by direct user interaction.


              Be prepared to do a lot of thorough testing, though. Some subtleties exist around things like clicking on links, entering fields, etc. and can be affected by arrangement order (on top, or not) or tab-order inclusion. And there can be cross-platform and/or cross-browser issues with formatting, text flow, etc.