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    Instant Web Publishing (IWP)format problem.



      Instant Web Publishing (IWP)format problem.



           I just started a new file and I want it to automaticly format based on what type of device is loging in. ie iPad, iPhone, Desktop...

           I started by using a templet from FMP, and it worked great untill I tried to login through the website (IWP network). I have attacehd what the trigger script is on "On first window open".

           How should I change this script to make it work?

           Thank you.




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               For IWP: make sure that  your layouts have the 'Classic theme'.

               The script seems ok, but if you want to check whether a script will work for IWP: the scriptedior can display the compatibilty with several targets. If you choose 'Intstant Web Publishing' in it's lower-left corner (at 'Show Compatibilty') it will show incompatible steps in grey. 


               Jan Martin