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Instant web publishing - Accessing within same network

Question asked by Nadula on Nov 28, 2008
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Instant web publishing - Accessing within same network


Hi all,


I seem to have a puzzle I cannot figiure out for myself.


I have a standalone database that through the simple Instant Web Publishing settings is available to my clients miles away at their sites. When they visit our company (and become part of our network) they can no longer locate the IWP homepage using the same IP address and therefore cannot find the database.


I have no problems accessing the database through the web browser on the host machine.


I've checked and "fiddled" with all the network related settings and cannot solve this one.


I work at a company with around 45 seats of Filemaker so I'm not trying to cut a corner financially here, my clients do not want Filemaker on their computers so I have to make this work somehow.


I hope somebody out there can help, thanx in advance ;D

I do have Filemaker Server 7 which serves the rest of the company but it runs indepenantly of this single database, any suggestions that utilise this would be appreciated also.