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Instant Web Publishing - locks up from browser

Question asked by MarloSteed on May 12, 2011
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Instant Web Publishing - locks up from browser


Okay I have gotten past mounting my database using Instant Web Publishing with Filemaker 11.  I use the ip address and port 591 and am able to access it from the local network and over the Internet through my web browser.  However, I will use the web version for a while and suddenly it  will lock up and no longer respond and if I refresh the window it says: server unexpectedly dropped the connection.  However, I check the the computer running the database and there is no evidence of a lock up.  I have time out set to the maximum.  The odd thing is it doesn't seem to lock up at the same point, in fact it seems to lock when I use the same button function over and over again (making connections between related Tables).  It just seems odd.  Any thoughts?  Not sure how to trouble shoot this one.