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Instant Web Publishing - questions

Question asked by mattb on Mar 22, 2013
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Instant Web Publishing - questions


     FMP 12 Advanced - Mac

     I have a new client who wants to be able to share data with office staff who sometimes use laptops from remote locations.  I'm new to IWP, but in my initial tests, I got it to work just fine...from the host computer, which for testing purposes right now, is my Macbook running on a wireless setup in my house.

     When I type in the IP address on either Firefox or Safari on the hosting machine, the IWP page comes up, I can pick the database, log in and everything is right there - a beautiful thing.

     However, when I type in the same IP address in Firefox on my Windows desktop machine, it always results in a "connection timed out" error message.  I've checked that the IP address remains the same, and even tried the suggested port change from 80 to 591, all with the same bad results.  I even gave the same IP address to my client in an e-mail and when he tried from a browser on his machine (MacBook Pro) he could not connect either.

     So right now, I only have success using a browser on the hosting machine, but no success on any other machine.  I perused the IWP PDF file that FMP supplies and there's nothing in there that indicates I'm doing anything wrong.  So...?

     Please help!


     Matt Bloomfield