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Instant Web Publishing -- Screens Distorted

Question asked by KWolfe on Apr 15, 2010


Instant Web Publishing -- Screens Distorted


I am using FileMaker Pro 11 on a PC running Windows XP.  I have posted files on Instant Web Publishing and they are very distorted--text is very small and fuzzy--fields are cut off and "rolling", the bottoms of the Radio Buttons are cut off and stacked fields are out of alignment and many of the features (CTL F for Find) do not work).  I have called Tech Support but they cannot help me -- they do not seem to know what is going on.


I have had "Make It Work" set up port forwarding to port 591 and they have made my IP address the same, so files can be shared.


1)  Is there a way for the person on the "shared" end to enlarge the screen file (make it larger) ?

2)  Is there a way to stabilize the screen view so it is a "mirror image" of the original posted database?


I truly appreciate your expert help!