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Instant Web Publishing access

Question asked by IDM on Dec 7, 2009
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Instant Web Publishing access



We'd like to select "Don't display in Instant Web Publishing homepage" in File > Sharing > Instant Web Publishing. Yet we have a "Access is permitted, but cannot be changed" that greys out the option to select the "Don't display" check box. We also found all submenu options in File > Manage > are all greyed out.


  • this network shared database was originally built using FileMaker Pro 8.5
  • we update the database using FileMaker Pro 10


What we would like to do:

We want to limit the number of databases listed on our Instant Web Publishing page by turning on the "Don't display in Instant Web Publishing homepage" yet our options are greyed out. We think it's an access issue yet cannot use the File > Manage > submenu either, these are greyed out as well.


Thanks in advance,

Nancy IDM