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Instant Web Publishing and "elastic" design.

Question asked by MarkAnselmi on Sep 17, 2013
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Instant Web Publishing and "elastic" design.


     Hi to all,

     I'm designing a simple "elastic" layout (as showed in image attached hereto) and with a proper use of Anchors i can obtain the result... but will  work only using the format into Filemaker environment!

     I really need to obtain the same behavior using "Instant Web Publishing": the format must resize itself to 100% window's width when visiting the page with a plethora of devices (Desktop, smartphones, Tablet).

     I think it's near impossibile to obtain this behavior considering the actual Filemaker12 capacity (look at inline styles coded by FM), but maybe someone has some idea.

     Thank you!


     P.s = I know that grandients, round corners, ecc. will not work in Web Publishing, but for that i usually adopt an external custom .CSS file.