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    Instant Web Publishing and "elastic" design.



      Instant Web Publishing and "elastic" design.


           Hi to all,

           I'm designing a simple "elastic" layout (as showed in image attached hereto) and with a proper use of Anchors i can obtain the result... but will  work only using the format into Filemaker environment!

           I really need to obtain the same behavior using "Instant Web Publishing": the format must resize itself to 100% window's width when visiting the page with a plethora of devices (Desktop, smartphones, Tablet).

           I think it's near impossibile to obtain this behavior considering the actual Filemaker12 capacity (look at inline styles coded by FM), but maybe someone has some idea.

           Thank you!


           P.s = I know that grandients, round corners, ecc. will not work in Web Publishing, but for that i usually adopt an external custom .CSS file.


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               If you can do gradients and such with a css file, could you possibly do the same with the width and such?

               Otherwise, I don't know of a way to make IWP "elastic", but if anyone else knows, please tell.

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                 Hi IT_User, thank your for your reply!

                 The "external CSS" way work well only in adding styles to your FM objects. If you want to completly re-style you page you can add class attribute to FM objects, remove inline styles with jQuery ( $('*').removeAttr('style'); ) and then apply the external CSS file.

                 This is really an interesting (and tested) way, but sadly is not so really usefull in obtaining full style control of your layout: creating a fluid or responsive HTML design require also a well-designed HTML structure (ex. div nesting and sequencing) and Filemaker have a really "bad" HTML output.

                 With CSS you can bypass some problems: a single button can result only in a single text field into FM and styles will provide all the necessary to obtain the desidered visual goal, but yet again you have to deal with the HTML structure.

                 Obtaining a good elastic design via Filemaker would be really nice! A missing "killer-feature" for FM, let me say.




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                   No reasonable way to achieve the desired result, i have to migrate to WaveMaker.

                   Thank You!