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    Instant Web Publishing doesn't work



      Instant Web Publishing doesn't work


      I am using a PC and a Mac on the same network. The Mac shares the database with my workgroup very well. No one can connect with the PC. I am using the trail version on the PC because I want it to work whne I am not in the office (the Mac is a laptop, the PC, a desktop). The sharing settings are identical. Is the something specific to a PC that is causing this problem? Should I cancel my software order? Is this a problem because it is a trail version? Anyone have any thoughts?

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          FileMaker Tech Support usually doesn't charge for installation issues like this. You might want to call them direct so that they can walk you through the various issues. I wouldn't be suprised to learn that the trial versions won't host files, but don't recall off hand if that is true. If tech support confirms that limitation, feel free to post back and let us know!