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Question asked by ddixon752 on Aug 27, 2009
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Instant Web Publishing Help


I'm working with a Filemaker Web Hosting Service trying to get a database operational for some school recordkeeping.


I'm just trying to do a simple setup where there is one file in which we create new records for missing student assignments - one record per incident. Next I set up a second file with student info - name, parent contact, grade, etc. I made a match field of our student ID number, just wanting to have teachers enter the ID and have the student info populate the fields in the first file.


All works perfectly in FMP on the desktop. On the web, published with FMP Server Advanced 10, it also works from the web browser, but only once. At first it seemed that the main file was having trouble connecting to the related file, so the hosting service recommended that I merge the second file into an additional table within the first file rather than using a separate file.


Well, I did that, but it didn't fix it. Now I discover that what's really happening is that when I add a new entry and the match field populates the fields in the main file, the database then DELETES the data in the second table. It's like it's moving that data rather than just displaying it in the main layout. Further adding to my confusion - any data in fields that are populated by the ID number entry are NOT deleted if they are not included on the layout where the entry takes place.


This seems like a pretty basic, common thing to do. Can someone please shed some light on what I might have done to make this deletion happen, or do I need to make a layout that has none of the related fields on it and have the ID number entered there??? Surely there's a better way.


Thanks so much for any help you can give!


David Dixon

Knoxville, TN